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      Water Polo

Program Description

The Seal Pup (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)

The Seal Pup is designed to young beginner swimmers and focuses on body/ face immersion, floating and swimming short distances. Moreover, swimming with the ball with a floatie belt or life jacket is introduce along with water polo skills like spinning and throwing.


4 to 7 years old

Program Duration

- 3 Levels
- Each level could be realized with a minimum of 10 sessions of 1 hour.

The Seal (5 levels- City, Provincial, National, World, Olympic)

The Seal Program consists of skills development related to the fundamentals in the LTAD. The Seal Program will guide the coaches/instructors in their teaching to assist the kids in acquiring all fundamentals. The Seal program levels will reward athletes for each step accomplished and will help child and parents to view what stage he is in his fundamental skills development process.


8 to 12 years old


Program Duration

- 5 levels: City Seal, Provincial Seal, National Seal, World Seal and Olympic Seal.
- Each level could be realized with a minimum of 10 sessions of 1 hour. Most clubs conduct evaluation certification after 20 sessions.


Program Content

• Swimming skills: Basic skills taught in swimming lesson as horizontality/immersion of the face becoming front crawl with  later  breath,  or  horizontality/head  position  on  back to  lead  to  backstroke,  and finally  wipe  kick  to lead to breaststroke. Skill level will increase also with the distance swam.
• Water Polo skills: Specific swimming skill but also skills with the ball. Specific swimming skills as all different front crawl with head up or backstroke seated, etc… Ball skills as driving, transfer, throw, catch, etc…
• Game skills: This category will be quite different. Kids won’t be evaluated for their skill’s but in their participation to one event.


Certification  will  be  realized  by one  Water Polo  Saskatchewan  evaluator  as  we  wish  to  control  the efficiency  of  the  program  (athletes’  level, coaches/instructors’ level,  speed  athletes’ development,  adaptation of the program for the future, etc…)


Seal Certification Program Comparison with Red Cross PDF



Seal Certification:

Learn to swim through water polo

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